Online course: 'Motivation-based Interviewing' 


1. Introduction, Overview and Navigation Instructions

2. Understanding the High Performer

3. Interviewing & Identifying the High Performer

4. Hiring the High Performer

5. Summary & Conclusion


  • Understand the definition of “High Performer”

  • Understand HOW High Performers achieve better results

  • Identify the 3 components inherent in ALL High Performers

  • Learn the connection between Attitude and Achievement

  • Learn the science behind Attitude: Locus of Control

  • Learn the power of Passion as a natural motivator

  • Learn the importance of staying objective

  • Review basic legal aspects of interviewing (U.S.)

  • Learn interviewing Best Practices

  • Learn the key to assessing motivation – correctly!

  • Learn how to write GREAT interview questions and practice

  • Determine a candidate’s “predominant” response towards obstacles

  • Understand the “Interview Relationship”

  • Learn techniques to get your candidate’s guard down and talking more freely

  • Learn the recommended MBI standard for hiring High Performers

  • Review Summary


  • Build an interview guide for one of two job positions

  • Interview two virtual candidates, take notes and score each candidate

  • Make a hiring decision

  • Listen to feedback & compare your interview guide to MBI expert Carol Quinn

  • Download and print forms and training material

  • Printable Certificate of Completion, suitable for framing

*This is a highly interactive course involving practice exercises to test your skill…every 7-10 minutes.

What Is Motivation-Based Interviewing?

Motivation-based interviewing (MBI) is a globally-used interviewing method that is simple, yet highly effective for hiring "High Performers." MBI training teaches interviewers how to assess a candidate's skill, attitude and passion.

Motivation-based interviewing

A great predictor of future job performance and achievement is an applicant’s ‘attitude’. What exactly is attitude? Attitude is how effectively, or ineffectively, a person responds to obstacles or difficult challenges. Let’s face it, every job has it’s challenges! It can be a difficult co-worker or customer, an insufficient budget, not enough time, being understaffed, too much competition, insufficient knowledge, something that breaks down…the list is truly endless. Obstacles are a normal part of getting to any goal and if an employee isn’t good at overcoming these obstacles, then they aren’t going to be good at achieving goals.

What makes an obstacle difficult to overcome is that there doesn’t appear to be a solution – initially.  When a person encounters a roadblock, it’s not their skill that determines whether they move forward. Rather, it’s theirattitude and their passion. These components determine how much  effort will be put forth to solve the problem. When someone makes up their mind that a goal is impossible to achieve or deems an obstacle to be insurmountable, they won’t relentlessly pursue the goal like a true High Performer would. High Performers have an attitude that is conducive to achieving goals as well as the passion that drives them to do it. Many applicants who are NOT High Performers are interview-savvy. These applicants withhold information but interviewers who use motivation-based interviewing know exactly how to expose it. MBI is the only interviewing methodology with built-in skill, attitude and passion assessment components. 

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