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Training course: 'Behavioural competencies assessment' 


The challenge of assessing  behavioural competencies on board (maritime)

Purpose of this course is to transfer international practical knowledge regarding job performance assessment and improvement with focus on behavioural competencies assessment.  Thus, performance assessors are expected to improve their knowledge and skills in conducting more effective behaviour-based assessments on board (and ashore).

The course is specifically designed and developed for shipping organizations (maritime industry). However, it can be easily adapted also to other organizations (manufacturing, tourism etc.).

Special emphasis is put on the assessment of behavioural competencies, which play a significant role in job performance.  According to the experts, the significance of ‘hidden’ personality traits is (depending on the job role) between 75% and  80%.

Behavioural competencies assessment is the beginning for soft skills development and/or improvement of seafarers.

Topics (among others):

  • About performance, performance assessment and improvement

  • Potential obstacles

  • What needs to be assessed and why- The 3 levels of assessment

  • Methods and tools for conducting an assessment

  • Behavioural competency assessment

  • Performance improvement by improving behavioural competencies (self-development)

  • The OCIMF-INTERTANKO method for behavioural competency assessment and verification for vessel operators

  • A typical assessment process (IMO model course 1.30)

  • Exercises – Case studies – Role playing


Expected benefits: Course participants are expected to significantly improve their knowledge and skills in conducting behavioural competency assessments on board (and ashore). Furthermore, they will learn secrets of efficient and effective performance improvement.


Who should attend: Anyone involved in job performance assessments and in developing training and personal development programs in organizations, is expected to gain benefits from attending this course.

The training course can be easily adapted to any organization in which human performance plays a significant role.

Place, date, time: To be agreed, Number of participants per group (max.): 12, Duration: 16 hours (2 days)

Please contact us for more information.

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